CBK Services had been part of the Flathead Business Community since 1908. Throughout the years we have provided the most ethical and cost effective means available to recover delinquent accounts - whether the account is from a retailer, professional office, medical office or a commercial / wholesale business.

As a member of ACA International (a worldwide association of credit and collection specialists) we are able to keep our ACA certified collection staff up to date on the newest regulation for all states, we can forward accounts to any location the customer / patient may now be located, while always following the ACA Code of Ethics.

Rates are billed on a contingency basis, if we don't collect, we don't get paid.
There are no listing fees, per account fees, annual dues / fees, and no minimum size accounts.
We even offer a free pre-collection service.

Rates vary depending upon age of the accounts (from the date the account was incurred), number of accounts placed on a regular basis, and the means by which the accounts are placed.

Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to see how our program can benefit your business or office.


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